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Hello to Ragtime fans.  We are really missing live music, and the performers are missing us, their audience.  My goal is to help you all find music performances to watch and / or listen to.  In our current environment watching and listening to musical performances will probably be through the virtual tools available.  Some of you may feel uncomfortable about using those tools.  If there is something I can do to make it easier, please let me know.

As the activities to reduce the impact of the corona virus began about ten weeks ago, the KCRB cancelled our April 30th concert with Stephanie Trick and Paulo Alderighi.  We have been communicating with Stephanie and Paulo and when the world returns to the point when you will be willing to attend a concert, we will arrange to bring Stephanie and Paulo to KC.

KCRB also cancelled the June 7 house concert by Frederick Hodges and Richard Dowling.  I recently received a question asking if that concert is still a go. Therefore, I want to emphasize that the June 7th concert with Frederick Hodges and Richard Dowling has been cancelled.  Mary Grace and I are in constant contact with Frederick and Richard.  They are anxious to return.  We will be rescheduling them when it becomes practical.

I will try to inform you of coming virtual music events.  Please understand that the links and information to get to this music is generally passed through various communications and there is some risk of error.  If you have a problem, let me know. Unfortunately, about two weeks ago the information about a virtual concert by Frederick Hodges sent to us was wrong.

Some virtual music by local musicians is available. Many of us know Walter Bryant. He is often the pianist with the Lynn Zimmer Band at the Gaslight Grill and he also plays there with The New Red Onion Jazz Babies on the first Monday of each month. Walter gives a weekly concert each Wednesday beginning at 7:00 PM CT. It includes a wide range of music including Jazz. As many of you may know, Walter is also the Musical Director for Platte Woods United Methodist Church.  This virtual concert series is produced through the resources of that church and access is through that church’s website.

On the internet, go to (click on):


And follow the directions on that website.


Several opportunities to hear our local stride pianist Bram Wijnands perform are on You-Tube.

Check Bram out.  His web site is below:


Adam Swanson presents a virtual concert of Ragtime and early jazz music every Sunday evening at 7:00 PM CDT. His theme is “Ragtime by Request”. The webtool Adam uses has a chat box and you can make requests. You can also say hello to Adam and others who might be watching.


To watch Adam, on any Sunday, at 7:00 PM CDT go to (click on)



Andrew Green Is the Musical Director of the Peacherine Ragtime Society Orchestra. He has put on a virtual concert which included clips from Peacherine Ragtime Society Orchestra and solo musicians like Frederick Hodges and Bryan Wright.  He is planning to do a series.  Andrew’s next virtual concert will be in early June.  I will share the sign-on information for that concert when it is available.

The virtual concerts are free. However, at the end of many of the virtual concerts, a virtual tip jar appears. Donations are not expected, but gratefully accepted by the musicians who have had their live performances cancelled.

Stay healthy!



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