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The Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival Board has announced that the 2021 Joplin Festival is cancelled. The Festival sponsors will present additional virtual Syncopated Saturday Night concerts in the coming months.  Watch the festival website and future KCRB event listings for future concerts.

Coming Featured Events

Syncopated Saturdays - April 17 - 8:15 PM CT - Featuring Martin Spitznagel and Mimi Blais

Organized by the Scott Joplin International Ragtime Foundation Bryan Wright, Director

Zehnder’s Ragtime Festival - April 21 - 24 - Zehnders Frankenmuth, MI - Call 844-288-1484

Routine Real-Time Events

Adam Swanson Virtual Concerts - Sunday 7:00PM CT

Wednesdays with Walter
- Wednesday  6:30 PM to 7:30 PM CT - Walter Bryant

Matt Tolentino - Thursday 7:00 PM CT

Meredith Axelrod and Craig Ventresco - Daily Mon-Sun 10:00 PM CT

Archived Virtual Concerts

Syncopated Saturdays - Brought to you by the Scott Joplin International Ragtime Foundation

West Coast Ragtime Society Festival 

Fredrick Hodges Plays


Peacherine's Online Music Festival - May 2020

Peacherine's Online Music Festival - June 2020

Peacherine's Online Music Festival - July 2020

Peacherine's Online Music Festival - October 2020

Virtual Musical Treats That Might Be of Interest

King Chanticleer, played by Michael Chisholm w/ virtual Tom Brier

Michael Chisholm - Collection of novelty arrangements of popular tunes
Hap' Li'l Mose (T.A. Duggan), performed by Elliott Adams and Michael Chisholm
Patrol of the Pelicans (George L. Cobb, 1926)

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