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Virtual Events

Syncopated Saturdays - Next event - Saturday Jan 23rd 7:15pm CT brought to you by the Scott Joplin International Ragtime Foundation

West Coast Ragtime Society Festival 


Adam Swanson Virtual Concerts - Sunday 7:00PM CT


Wednesdays with Walter - Wednesday  6:30 PM to 7:30 PM CT - Walter Bryant


Peacherine Ragtime Society Orchestra - Coming Events / Virtual Events

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Spend an evening watching these virtual Peacherine events


Peacherine's Online Music Festival – October 3, 2020

Domingo Manquelo Frederick Hodges Jeff Barnhart Groovis (Holland, Coots, Parcal) https://youtu.be/9ioB-TgOie0 or https://www.facebook.com/peacherineragtime/live/


Peacherine’s Online Music Festival, July 25, 2020

Adam Swanson, Morten Gunnar Larsen, Virginia Tichenor, Carl, Sonny Leyland https://www.facebook.com/peacherineragtime/live/


Peacherine’s online Music Festival June 2020

Many guest musicians including: Dalton Riddenauer, Matt Torretino, Martin Spitznagel in a truly virtual concert



Peacherine A collection of 8 45 minute to 2 hour concerts, including the above, performed by the Peacherine Ragtime Society Orchestra Many performers https://www.facebook.com/peacherineragtime/live/

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